Who do I help?


I specialize in working with males who have substance dependency, behavioural addictions, and/or relational trauma. I am motivated in helping those who are willing to create positive change in their lives, as I have done for myself.  It is my mission of empowering others that gets me up in the mornings!


I have also been in a different place in my life where I was not where I wanted to be. I was hard on myself and disappointed in my own actions. I was over-thinking every situation. I wanted my recovery process to be done perfectly. I wanted to have more control over my life. I felt hopeless. I wanted answers. I questioned, ‘Why am I doing what I am doing?’


I know the pull that substance use can have. This is a struggle I’m familiar with, although everyone handles it differently. I was fortunate enough to break free and gain the skills and tools needed to recover. Everyone deserves and has the ability to break free!

My recovery has brought many good things into my life including a better relationship with myself and others. Taking care of oneself in every way is very important. I’m passionate about helping others to heal and receive the same benefits I have had.


In practice and in life, I value being authentically who I am and helping other people to do the same. I value honesty and straightforwardness. I work with like-minded men who want to move forward and take action, the way I did. I value personal growth and compassion. I take a non-judgemental stance towards others, knowing that they are not going to do this perfectly and that’s okay.  I understand that recovery has its’ ups and downs along the path. I will be there during the process, creating a supportive, safe, and understanding environment. This is a peer-to-peer relationship. The type of people that I help are in sync with these values and offerings.


As you begin your journey of recovery, you are not alone. You deserve to find the answers and solutions that you are searching for.

Basic support
  • 2 (1:1) Coaching sessions
  • 2 Email follow ups
  • 2 Resources
Intensive support
  • 6 (1:1) Coaching sessions
  • 2 (1:1) Sessions with brain and behaviour expert
  • Email support (3/week)
  • Unlimited resources

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