Coaching vs Therapy

Whats the difference between a ‘coach and a therapist’?


Therapists are more in a doctoring role whereas a coach is more in a helping role. I am not a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, clinical counselor, registered therapist, nor social worker. Doctors can diagnose, prescribe medication, and provide medical intervention. Therapists have the skills necessary to help when a client’s mental health is unstable. They direct their client care and provide intervention when a client is not able to help themselves.


Certified coaches help a client in dealing with the present moment as well as planning for the future.  We are guides, teachers, and mentors. We walk alongside clients as peers would. We do not continually revisit past trauma unless it is to gain a better understanding of current negatively impacting behaviours. We help our clients set goals and to understand the “birth of a belief or behaviour”. Certified coaches can help clients discover how to build a new healthy relationship to life.

Certified coaching is client led. We make suggestions, educate, and offer guidance. Together we map out with a client an action plan and a path that brings them the life they wish to live!