About Me

Who am I?


Dustin attended the Maritime Business College, where he received an Honours Diploma in Counselling Skills/ Social Human Services (DIP Counsellor). He began his professional career performing many different roles, including addiction counselling, mentoring, and group facilitating.  Dustin has earned numerous international educational certificates to help with his personal and professional success. Dustin is a Certified Recovery Coach (CRC) through Optimal Recovery (OR) and is Certified in Trauma Recovery Coaching (CTRC), through the International Trauma Recovery Coaching Association (IAOTRC). Dustin is also finishing up further trainings in becoming an Advanced-Trauma Recovery Coach (CTRC-A) and a NARM-informed professional.


Growing up, some of his interests were hockey and baseball. He learned valuable skills as a leader that he carries forward in his business. He learned the benefit in being coachable. These qualities were part of the success of his own addiction recovery. If you see similarities in yourself and are willing to be coached into recovery, this service is likely a good fit for you! Please feel free to reach out and will have a chat.


Dustin’s personal recovery program is focused on the person as a whole. He mentors, guides, and teaches a client in all ways (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually). Dustin has worked hard at in his own journey with addiction and relational trauma. Reconnecting with himself and others has allowed him to help others on this path. He empowers others to take care of themselves with physical fitness, exploring, education, and healthy relationships.


Dustin was born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick, where he currently resides and takes pride in bringing this offering to his community and the world.